Inspired by one of my all time favorite bands, I wrote this poem because I loved how beautifully they had worded their songs. I have two lines from one of their songs, the first and the last line. I love the Killers and they’re an awesome band, you should totally listen to them if you don’t already 🙂  Enjoy!



And when they broke your heart

Did you take yourself back to the start?

To pretend it never happened..

Did you reach out or did it depend?

On what they did and how you felt?

It’s not you; it’s the cards that were dealt

Endless experiences that sucked you in

To a dark hole, did you let them win?

Is there someone out there?

Are you going anywhere?

Do you even care?!

Is this whole life just a nightmare?

It’s not though

I know you thought so,

Because I thought so too

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true

A year has gone by

And you have still not arrived

Where are you?

Rescue, set me free. 



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